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Get To Know You Play Date #2

Published on August 10, 2012 under parent involvement

Today was our second ” get to know you ” play date. I have never had these before but thought with thirteen new ones coming in at one time we could use a little more time to bond before the big day.  I try to make all the decisions I make for our school based on what is best for the kids. That is why we are here, right ?  Can you imagine being dropped off with two people that you have never seen before  in a house that doesnt look anything like the one you live in and all you know is ” you will be ok and I will be back in a little bit?” The truth is  – they will be ok.  For the most part it wont be miserable and sad for them – we are pretty good at transitioning and making a child feel at home but is it the BEST way to help a child transition into his first school experience ? No…  It has been amazing watching the children bond and begin to make friends and seeing the parents get to know each other a little better.  Thanks so much for bringing them to play today.  I can already feel the excitement building for the wonderful year we will spend learning and growing together. The room is not ready yet.  The playground is not ready yet. But our hearts already have the welcome mat out.

Welcome to our home… our life.


I didnt post  all the pictures because they loaded to a different file on my computer . It seems every year my lap top and my camera conspire to make my life difficult . Good news is…. they are all on the facebook page.


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