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First Day Jitters !

Published on August 20, 2012 under Uncategorized

There were none ! Well.. maybe ONE jitter or two but for the most part the day went amazingly well. I don’t think we have ever had 13 new children to star the year off. Generally , we have about half new children and half are returning from the previous year.  The great thing is we had a lot of extra hands to help us today!  Randy and I were here of course but we also had Jodie and Dallas here.  Thanks girls  for helping today !

Dallas waited with goodie bags and decorated tables for the mommies to come in and cry and laugh together. No one showed.  I felt like maybe you guys forgot ?  Im sorry Dallas if there was a miscommunication on my part.  You did a fabulous job !

We met outside because normally that is a little easier on the kids. They are more mobile and curious about the things outside and less likely to protest when mom or dad have to leave . We played until 1030 outside and then we read a story on the porch.  ( One of the things I love about family childcare – so cozy .) We read ” The Kissing Hand” and many of the children were so excited to tell me that they had read that story at their house.  I am so glad that you read the books I sent home !  We took our traditional ” first day of preschool” pictures and then went inside to explore after eating a cookie that looked like  a hand and had a chocolate kiss in the middle.   The children went to every area and the adults were there to explain what we do in each center.


We also did our first day ” self portraits ‘ and the traditional handprint with the ” kissing hand ”  poem.


Lunch went well. We had french dip sandwiches, carrots and tater tots with milk.


I would say that today was a huge success.  No one bled, only one cried briefly  and we all lived to tell about it.  More than that , we learned that many of us LOVE to play in the water and make mud.  We learned that it is ok when mommy leaves that she ( or someone ) always comes back.  We learned it is great to make new friends.  We learned a lot about washing our hands ( water, soap , lather for 20 seconds and rinse ) And we learned that Preschool really is fun.

Day one…. over. Bring on Day two !


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