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Summer Circus Fun

Published on June 1, 2012 under Circus




Every child needs to pretend to be in a circus right at some point  ! How else will they grow up one day and be angry and slam their  bedroom door and yell ” I will just run away and join the circus!!?”  If they dont pretend to be a clown or a tight rope walker or a strong man, they will never know what they missed !


The past two weeks Danielle has been helping run a very small summer program with five children.  I allowed her to do this so she wouldnt have to find another summer job outside of our home and to help out the parents that did have to continue working.   I have been proud of the way she has handled the responsibility.  My favorite part of the day is morning when I hear her saying ” GOOOD Morning ! I missed you last night ! ” It makes my heart smile to know that in her life time I taught her through example that everyone deserves a smile in the morning  especially these little guys that walk through our door each day.

The kids have had water days and movie days and park days.  They are staying well hydrated with their own water bottles that were bought two weeks ago and names were put on them so they could be lugged around outside.  The movies are cartoons and carefully chosen.

Danielle is also playing learning games and activities with the children.  We talked about what each child might need individual help on during the summer and she is going at it. I think you will be surprised what one on one attention through the summer will mean in writing skills and letter identification.






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