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Outdoor Classroom ? You betcha!

Published on May 7, 2012 under outdoor play

Today as the kids came in I couldn’t get over how wonderful it felt outside.  You could hear the birds chirping and the breeze was blowing .  Life was good.  I thought to myself .. ” Self, why do you want to take the kids out of this kids wonderland of learning you have out here.  You are talking about bugs and well…. they are more likely to find them outside .” So, that is what we did. We had breakfast outside.

We played and played and dug for worms and found rolly pollies !  We had a blast.


We practiced our program outside and then had cupcakes brought by McKayla’s grandma as a Thank you for all those that have brought and will be bringing food the next few days.

As I went in to grab the cupcakes look what I found !! AWW.. Thanks so much whoever my anonymous gift giver is. So sweet !

We read ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar ” outside .

We did journals outside !

I even took the CD player and out the kids danced on the porch.

It was a good day.  So good in fact that after eating sloppy joes for lunch and getting laid down at 12:30 – at 12:45 everyone is sound asleep.  That might be a little motivation to do it again tomorrow.


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