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Published on May 8, 2012 under Bugs

Today in circle time we read ” The Very Quiet Cricket .”  This book is a predictable text book.

Predictable books along with shared reading are often recommended as a way to introduce beginning learners to the feeling of being a reader (Holdaway, 1979).

Predictable texts help children very quickly come to think of themselves as readers. For example, hearing or reading aloud a book such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear (Martin, 1967) in a shared fashion several times allows children to very quickly be able to recite the text. Often the children memorize the text and can repeat the text without even looking at it. In this way, children think of themselves as read- ers and have fun reading.

There may have been times at home that you have read a book to your child so many times that they can ” read ” it back to you. They aren’t really reading they have memorized the pattern of what comes next.  The other day Katelyn brought a great book to school and she ” read” it to me.  A few times I thought MAYBE she was reading a few of the words but she was really relying on memory from her mom reading it and using the pictures as clues.

You know that feeling of not being able to do something that you need or want to do ?  If someone comes along and encourages you or helps you just a bit it is like the curtain is lifted and the task becomes easier.  This is what predictable text does for young readers.

The predictable text in this book was ” The little cricket wanted to answer so he rubbed his wings together . But  nothing happened . Not a sound.”

We had new table activities out today like an Eric Carle ABC game . It was a little difficult and required a lot of patience to get through – or so Danielle said. I think I will take a good look at the game and try to find a new way to play it.  I love making up my own rules.

There were also Eric Carle puzzles and a cool caterpillar game that was great for fine motor work.



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