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We found GOLD!

Published on March 14, 2012 under field trips

Wow ! Wow ! Wow!  What a GREAT GREAT time we had today.  Whew… We are tired.  By we, I mean ALL OF US!   We had our leprechaun hunt planned for Friday but I was really nervous about the weather report so we decided to move it to today.  I am so glad we did. It was such a beautiful fun day.

Danielle and Randy got our green lunch ready in the kitchen while we were busy.

First thing this morning we read a book called ” Looking for Leprechauns.”  The little boy in the book said that if you find a leprechaun and make him laugh , he will give you all his gold.  We graph a lot  but this time we used tally marks instead of writing down names.  The top said ” Have you seen a leprechaun ?”  with a picture of a leprechaun and the words yes and no.  I asked the kids did they know what it said.  Katelyn immediately replied ” LEPRECHAUN!”  which was a good guess using visual clues!  That is one of the ways that kids show reading readiness by  using pictures to help draw conclusions!  Then Dillion followed with ” yes or no”  YAY! Dillion ! I am guessing these are some sight words he has memorized from all the graphs that we have done.  Then William says slowly ” Have …. You…. .sssssseeeen … a leprechaun ?” WHAT ! !! He read it ! WAY TO GO WILLIAM!  So So proud of him.

In case you wondered from our graph there were some children who apparently HAVE seen a LEPRECHAUN!

At ten am we partnered up with the help of some parents and headed down the street to the Sager Creek Arts Center .  Jan showed us around the backstage area and on stage. We thought the blue lights in the back were cool.


Jan gave us a clue to head down town on Main Street to someone that cuts hair .  Luckily for us, we know Mr Bill Adams ( the other co-owner of an ABC program in town) and he met us at his barber shop.  He was quite fun and carried on with the kids about seeing a leprechaun !  At each place we visited we had a green and white lei to give the owners.  An ambassador child chosen by using good manners – (and lets be honest who was closest ) would hand the shop owner the lei and say Thank you .


Bill’s clue took us to the bookstore.  Leprechauns really like to read !  While there we read a book called ” Little Bunny Foo Foo .”

At the bookstore Mrs Betty gave us a clue to go where they are taking pictures.  Many of the kids shouted WALMART!  Aha!   But we headed down the road toward MainStreet Photography.

( Side note.  You know you live in a small town when you are walking down main street and a cool looking kid comes skateboarding and the kids are in awe and it is your NEPHEW! We got to talk to DJ.  All the boys of course were telling him how awesome he was skateboarding .. and his is. )

At Mainstreet Photography the beautiful Mrs. Carrie met us and showed us to the studio where Luke was. He showed the kids a neat trick with a remote flash.  The sets in there are beautiful.  Mrs. Carrie read us a clue to go to another shop where a lady does nails.

Mrs. Sharliyn was our last shop.  I had her daughter in preschool ( daycare back then ) years ago.  So long ago in fact that she said Brequelle is graduating this year.  Yes, this stop made me feel VERY VERY old.  We didnt find a leprechaun in Style Studio so we used the clue she gave us and headed for the park. She said under a tree or post …












And finally near the pavilion we would be having a picnic lunch at we found GOLD. We didnt find the leprechaun but we did find his loot.

After successfully getting all the gold we gathered in the pavilion for a green lunch that was provided by our own little green elf , Danielle.  ( WHO by the way… barely made it to the park to hide the gold before we got there. I saw her little green dress RUNNING to the tree!  After all our hard work I might have had some leprechaun stew if there had not been gold waiting for us. )  If you note in the picture Katelyn is filling a net. She carried the official net incase we got near a leprechaun. We didnt catch a leprechaun but that net sure came in handy for picking up gold!

This was one of those days you look back on and say.. yes, it was a LOT of work. but YES! it was worth every minute to make it happen!

I love my little small town and I love my job.  Lets take it a step further… I LOVE MY LIFE!




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