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Rainy days and Coconuts

Published on March 8, 2012 under cooking with kids

Today was kind of a slow day at preschool. We have three friends out sick and it is raining. The mixture of those two makes for a very unusually calm day.  You know how it rains and we sometimes say ” the rain just makes me want to snuggle up and sleep all day?”  I think maybe that kids feel the same way.  We had our normal activities out.  My brother , Keith ( David) stopped by to visit and Randy told lots of stories.











Later in the morning I reminded Randy and we have had a coconut in the kitchen that we intended breaking open to show the kids.  So… a new plan was formed.





















































The kids tasted coconut from a bag , coconut milk from a can and then real coconut from well…. a coconut. 🙂   And Randy… leave it to Randy.. made the kids a pina colada ( no alcohol of course )

It was another good day.  Early to bed and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed.


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