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This winter unit has really been ill timed

Published on January 11, 2012 under Uncategorized

The weather outside is so incredibly beautiful.  It  is hard to keep trudging through this winter unit.  Why you might ask am I doing it ?  IT IS ON MY SCHEDULE. What a poor poor excuse this week for teaching something that isn’t relevant.   Shame on me.  🙁











You can see here that Dillion is taking a picture of the girls and they are loving it. I have many real materials in our classroom that we don’t use anymore or are broken and the kids love it.  See my BROKEN letter L and frame off the wall.  That was one of those good ideas that good shoved aside for real life…  it kinda makes me sad. It was a good idea.











Emeri came dressed as a princess today for her 5th bday. Here she is reading to her friends.











I saw a few of the children reading our ” special book today”.  It was pictures that depict diversity.  Diversity in color or race, handicaps, stereotypes etc…  When looking at the book I try to stay near the children in case they have a question.


Small group today was a book about Penguins . We learned how the daddies set the eggs on his feet to keep them warm and they eat fish !

We traced color words on a write on wipe off surface and played a color game . I had cards that had penguins with different color scarfs on and we went through them really fast to see how quick their brain could switch from one color to the next .  ( At assessment time I still had many kids missing the color gray and today almost everyone knew it !  )











Kingston and Malachy are best buddies and love the block center.

















Our circle time CD was playing this morning and the boys decided to do a little letter skills practice along with the song.
















I am not sure what Randy and the kids are planning to make with this but they were studying it pretty hard !
















I giggled as I heard McKayla  follow Randy up the stairs to proclaim she was getting married to a boy – ” but I can’t find one right now…”   Thats ok, wait a long time McKayla – a very… long time.
















It looks like Kyler had his lap full.


Playing bear face was a popular game again today..



























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