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We are family !

Published on November 14, 2011 under Uncategorized
























Danielle’s first day was today.  She joins us to play with the kids from 9-11:30 ( our busiest part of the day ) and then she has other duties to do.  As I listened to her play today I could tell that all the years of being raised in a home where her mom cared for kids paid off. I heard her using a soft voice, asking questions and extending learning where it was possible.  Great job on your first day Dani !
















This week we are talking about families. Part of being a family is helping out when needed . One of our popular centers today was ” dish washing” . The kids loved it.    In circle time we also talked about scenario’s like

Moms is washing dishes , how can you help?

Your baby sister dropped her toy, how can you help ?

Your toys are all over your floor, how can you help ?

















During small groups today we read these two books and then we graphed how many people are in each of our families.  Everyone views families differently. Some think it is the ones that live with them and others include grandmas grandpas and even pets. So, if the numbers don’t add up don’t correct your child.  The idea wasn’t to be correct in the numbers it was to discuss families and graph them to start thinking about math.
















Did you find these calendars in your cubby ? These are kindergarten readiness calendars . The have activities in them you can do at home to help your child prepare for school.  Also.. do you see Emeri’s cereal box front ?  That is for an activity on Friday, please send the front of your child’s favorite cereal box.
















We sang two songs today that had MOM in it and FAMILY.  Singing and pointing to letters helps us relate that letters make words and with word recognition.

We also sung a song called ” I like being a kid” At one point it says to hug a friend… and they did.

































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