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Post Turkey Waddle

Published on November 28, 2011 under Thanksgiving

All the kids waddled in today from four days off. I don’t have any pictures yet from our feast but as soon as I get them, I will post them for everyone to enjoy.   The Thanksgiving feast was a huge success . Last count I think I heard we had 111 or  121.  I thought the kids did a marvelous job singing and the food was YUMMY !   Out of 16 kiddos we had 15 there .  THAT IS A GREAT TURNOUT!  Thank you !
















I had a mom come play today.  Every time I turned around she had a child on her lap or she was being beautified.  Thanks Melissa!
















And then there is Danielle turning random children into Ninjas.  I think I will let her figure out on her own that that USUALLY doesn’t work out too well for maintaining a quiet classroom. 🙂
















I love to catch Emeri sitting at a table  ” reading ”  to her friends !











Doesn’t this look like an exciting game of tic tac toe ?
















In small groups today we played Roll – a Pilgrim.  The kids would roll the dice.  ( Using a clear storage bowl comes in handy when you have a flinger.  A flinger is a little one that doesn’t know how to roll the dice and frequently flings it off the table.  )  We also did a sorting activity with Indian and Pilgrim objects.

I trust that you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I … am exhausted.  Danielle’s car came in to port so Friday morning we got up and headed to Dallas and then yesterday I don’t think I sat down at all except church. I need a break from my break.

It is 12:45 and I don’t hear a sound in the playroom. I think the kids are all exhausted too.















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