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An Art Lesson

Published on October 19, 2011 under Art

Today we had 5 friends out.  Four were sick and one had a doctors appt.   Needless to say, it has been a little quiet today.  Well… if you don’t count the guy hammering on the roof outside.   The kids did enjoy watching Nathan through the window  as he repaired our roof from the tree limb falling through.
















Easel painting is fun for kids and they utilize a lot of cognitive skills and fine motor while they are there ” creating.” Much of the time they are  at the easel they are randomly mixing colors ( unplanned science ) .   Has anyone ever just given you a piece of paper and said ” Draw something.”  If you are like me… a familiar stick man comes to mind. I am not artist.  But.. we do want the kids to at least  THINK about being intentional in their art.   Today we painted pumpkins.   We talked about the shapes.  I showed them how to paint a circle like feature and then fill it in.  We talked about the stem and how it is a different color and ” does it go on top or bottom?”   Then the kids painted a pumpkin.   There are some really good ones !
















It was a great day. We did go outside. Remember  – we go outside unless there is falling precipitation of a warning of some kind.  Please always dress your child assuming we will go outside.   Here are other random pictures from our day.













































This month we are working on a nursery rhyme.

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