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A beautiful fall day !

Published on October 4, 2011 under Art


Stamp painting leaves was a popular activity today.


The kids also played a game with a squirrel cut out.   The squirrels body had an object on it and the  tail had an associated object on it.  For instance a tree and leaves or a sock and a shoe.   They did a great job.  They also sang a song to the tune of the ” wheels on the bus go round and round .”

The Leaves on the trees are yellow and red , yellow and red, yellow and red

The Leaves on the trees are yellow and red…. all through the town.

Papers went home in the cubbies today that had your child’s name and the first letter of their name.  We are making a book.  Please help them cut out letters from magazine and newspapers and glue them on their paper and return to school.   Thanks Y’all.


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