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From Hot Springs With Love

Published on October 14, 2011 under A is for apple

Today while I was learning how to make the world a better place for our children
















( This statistic really struck me .  How easy is it to pick up a book and read for 5 minutes? A friend pointed out that many upper income parents don’t take the time to read, they are too busy running from place to place and climbing the ladder of success.  I agree. So, lets take the economic indicator out of this study and just realize how important reading to a child is. )

And shopping the vendors for cool new toys
















And attending a luncheon with Governor Beebe
















Your children were well cared for and being blessed by special hands.

They made sure the gas tanks were full on our pretend gas station











They continued their fascination with beauty shops .











They wrote thank you notes.











Some were even making complex patterns from real food in the kitchen with Randy












Playing with sweet mommies that volunteer once a week ( Thank you Dallas! )











And enjoying lunch with beautiful aunts who stop by to make sure we know we are special.











Thanks to everyone who makes my control freak self feel good about leaving my kiddos .  You know why they say – It’s takes a village to raise a child .


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