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5 Little Pumpkins

Published on October 18, 2011 under assessment

Today I focused most of our activities on counting.   In small groups we read a  counting book called two little witches.  It is great for getting the kiddos to begin thinking about addition.  After reading the book I laid the pumpkins number cards on the table and we took turns seeing which numbers we know.  The kids almost always get 6 and 9 mixed up.  What I found was my second year students knew most of their numbers 1- 10 by sight.  Most of my 3 year olds didn’t . But.. that is logical and the way it should be.  Some things you can do at home to help your preschooler with number recognition  are :


Math Muffin Tins
Preschool children recognize numbers, count and sort during this activity by Chris.

Materials: Cupcake paper liners, felt tip marker, poker chips or anything they can count and sort.

Description: Teachers with marker, on the muffin liners write numbers 1-10 and then have the kids count and sort that many items into each liner.


The Cheeto Walk Learning Game

Students learn number recognition, following simple rules, and listening skills.


Number recognition, following simple rules, and listening skills


  • number cards made out of construction paper
  • tape
  • music
  • tape recorder
  • cheetos (or other edibles)
  • small pieces of paper with numbers matching the number cards
  • a container for small pieces of papers with the numbers

Lesson Plan:

  1. Make up number cards with construction paper.
  2. Write the numbers you are working on, on each paper. (Ex. 1 on one piece, 2 on another piece of construction paper).
  3. Tape the number cards to the floor in a square shape. (If you laminate the number cards, you get more use out of them).
  4. Make up small pieces of paper with numbers on it to match number cards.
  5. Place the small pieces of paper with numbers on them in the container.
  6. Have students each stand on a number.
  7. As the music plays, the students will walk around on the numbers.
  8. When the music stops (you control the music), you draw a number out of the container.
  9. Call out the number you drew, whoever is standing on the number, wins the Cheeto. (You can also use this activity for colors, shapes, alphabet).

The students love this game. They are learning and do not even know it.

OR…. just point out the number on menus , billboard and mailboxes !
















Some other things we did were read SEVERAL Halloween books and  some Halloween gross motor movements .
















We wrote our names to put in our portfolios !











We also played outside and found friends.











I also would like to say we are saying a prayer of Thanksgiving today for safety last night .  I limb fell out of the tree in the back and cut through the eave of the house.  It scared me to death when I heard it fall.   I don’t know if it had landed anywhere else if the damage would have been more or not, but I am thankful it was as minor as it is.
















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