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Our Amazing Bodies

Published on September 6, 2011 under community helpers

Today we started talking about our amazing bodies.   If you think about all the things we can do, it can be pretty overwhelming  Here are some milestones that preschoolers should be mastering while they are with us.  Remember, everyone is different.  I can tell you though that children that spend less time watching TV and video games acquire these much faster .

Physical skills
Walks alone and stands on tiptoe Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet Stands on one foot for at least five seconds Stands on one foot for at least 10 seconds
Climbs on furniture and begins to run Kicks, climbs, runs and pedals a tricycle Throws ball overhand, kicks ball forward and catches bounced ball most of the time Hops, swings and somersaults
Builds a tower of six or more blocks Builds a tower of nine or more blocks Dresses and undresses May learn to ride a bike and swim
Empties objects from a container Manipulates small objects and turns book pages one at a time Uses scissors Brushes own teeth and cares for other personal needs

We set up an area to pretend it was a doctors office and the kids had a grand time bandaging each other and pretending .  Mrs. Bethany sat in the room with them the whole time because we know that playing doctor can sometimes be a little risky.

Perfecting timing since we have been talking so much about ” poop” and ” pee” to read a  book called ” Everybody Poops”  It is a funny and direct book.   I am hoping by taking the magic or silliness out of the words we will use them less often.  ” Mrs Debbie, I need to go poop” is acceptable.  ” Hi Poophead.” is not.   The book tells us that ” everyone eats, so everyone poops..”

Speaking of eating, I am still focusing on cooking more whole foods for the kids and staying away from the packaged foods.  I don’t think we had have one packaged food for lunch since school started. WOOT WOOT for getting more healthy !

My old blog address was running out of space so I had to move it. I am still learning how to use wordpress so bear with me.  Some of my pictures are not uploading so I will upload several more to Facebook today.  Tonight I will have Addam help me with this.

This will be a busy month. While the weather is still nice we will be getting out and seeing some of our community and learning about who keeps us safe and healthy.

There are new calendars in your cubbies today along with a parent project.  I am sending home each child’s  first letter of their name.  I am leaving it attached to the paper so it will not get torn up but you can detach it if you like after you decorate it with your child — not FOR your child– with your child. 🙂   You can use stickers, markers, crayons or whatever you would like to decorate your letter.  Be creative !


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