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Little Pig Little Pig

Published on September 14, 2011 under building community
















Today was a lot of fun. Yesterday I told the kids the story of ” The Three Little Pigs.” Today we talked about how we could act it out. We decided to get paper and make the three houses and the kids drew the straw, sticks and bricks on. We decided who would be the pigs and who would be the wolf. As you would expect the wolf was the popular character – everybody wants to be the bad guy. 🙂

I LOVED LOVED LOVED watching the kids act out the story. This was great for sequencing and talking about ordinal numbers – first, second and third. Also, acting out stories give people a sense of pride and confidence. There’s something about hiding behind a little pink nose.

The kids also made houses from shapes. This was a great activity for color and shape recognition.

One of the games we played in circle time was ” Red house red house what do you see ? I see a blue house looking at me… Blue house blue house what do you see ? I see a green house … You get the idea.

We had a visitor come to observe us today. Ashely is an education major at NWACC . I hope she enjoyed watching us learn through play.


  1. Ashley Davis

    I enjoyed being with your class that day! It made me so happy to be around kids, i know i’m in the right field! 🙂 I hope i can come visit and interact with the kids more! They had so much fun with little pig little pig!!

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