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Who are your friends ?

Published on August 18, 2011 under cooking with kids


Today, day 2, was a much better day. I felt more accomplished and focused. I think the kdis felt more comfortable.
Our first goal is to learn our friends names. We played name games all day. The first one was a matching game with our pictures. All of the pictures were face up on the table and each child playing with me ( three at a time) chose a matching set of pictures and tried to tell me that friends name. The veterans were smart and chose all the ” oldies first.

Today was also our first cooking experience. Ms Jodie helped the kids make neopolitan bars. It seeems like it was fairly easy for them to do. And it was very very yummy.

This is an activity we did with our names. Remember I told you I dont neccessarily TEACH the letters as in workbook type stuff but this poster below is one way I highlight letters. Remember in the upstairs playroom there is an HUGE A in a gold frame on the wall? So they already see it every day. Today as we did names all the A’s are in red, the rest are in blue. I simply pointed it out. We also counted the number of A’s. It was 16 – the exact number of friends we have at school.
During circle time today we also sang some songs, read a book about school, danced and played a game. The game was Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee. Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee, wont you say your name for me ? I threw a bean bag to each child and they stood up and said their name and their favorite food.

We did journals today. Basically… free art. An opportunity for each child to slow down and write or draw ( whatever they want ).

Today was our first birthday celebration. William turned 5. Tradition is the birthday child gets to chose a treat and receives a book for their birthday. William chose chocolate chip cookies. William loves to draw robots and I had a new book that was about a little boy that loves to draw monsters. NORMALLY.. we dont even talk about monsters but the book wasnt scary so we read it. What was scary was afterwards when Mr Randy showed the white of his eyes. REALLY ? Grr…. He is in trouble. Two of the little girls cried. SHAME ON YOUR MR RANDY! He recovered well and made them laugh .

Cat , our youngest but most expressive…told a story after Mr Randy about a monster and her grandma. We all just LOVE listening to this little girl talk. So precious.

We didnt get to go on the hunt today.. maybe tomorrow.


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