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Puddle Jumpers

Published on August 23, 2011 under Als Pals

>Today our lesson plans said ” Feelings and Emotions,” but several of the kids came in all wound up about the thunderstorm that was happening when they arrived at school. A couple of them were expressing very STRONG emotions about something. I cant help but think that it had something to do with the weather – they were two veterans. When it is storming ( this is the Debbie’s opinion version ) it is our job to worry and protect our children. If you are visibly shaken- they will be also. I feel our kids are too young to understand the complications of weather patterns and the consequences of weather so why worry them with it? Sure teach them to be safe – but at 3 and 4 it is our job ( again ) to keep them safe. Just call me Mary Poppins but I dont like to see kids stressed out . SURE! We know what to do incase of an emergency but even that is done with routine and lack of drama. ( ALSO, NOT assuming that this was what was wrong with these kids this morning and you are a drama mama ( HA) Just found this as an opportunity to teach.)

Ok. Moving on…
Today I introduced the kids to Al. Al teachers us that we should be nice to our friends. So far, he only talks to Ms Debbie ( weird huh ?).

The kids LOVE this song by Laurie Berkner. We have the book and she sings the words. We are lucky enough to have Mr Randy and his guitar and we can do it all by ourself. Aveary really loves this song, She asked me this morning if I would do it again before we even started circle time. That made me smile.

But before that we read stories about rain and puddles and then we went outside to explore.
We jumped the puddles. We saw our reflection in the puddle.

We looked to see if we saw anything living in the puddle.

We even JUMPED OVER the puddles !
The boys telling us what they know about puddles. I love watching these videos . I mean, they all walked off at the end. Like seriously Ms Debbie, this is NOT interesting right now, stop quizzing us for the camera and let us be kids.
It was a good day.


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