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Open House

Published on August 16, 2011 under Open House


What a great Open House we had. I hope that everyone left as pumped about our new year as I was. It was wonderful to meet the new sweet kids and families and to see the ” oldies” again after the summer. It is amazing how much growing a child does in the summer from three to four years old. Each day ( starting tomorrow – our first day! ) I will blog about our daily adventures. Please check here daily around 2 pm to see what we have been up to. This blog is a great way to connect with your child and talk about what they have learned. Here is the normal conversation without background knowledge. ” What did you do today? ” Child’s response ” Play.” With this blog your can say ” I saw that you cooked something today, what was it? Was it good? What did you do to help make it? I saw you had something new in the block center today, what was it ? Did you go for a walk today? Did you have a special visitor today?” Using this blog you can help me by building on what I am doing at school.
Here are a few pictures from last night.

This old fire truck is getting old. I actually thought earlier in the day about taking it out but then Katelyn and Emeri jumped in and rushed to a fire. When they got there Emeri grabbed the hose and put out the fire and Katelyn got a gas can ( I was worried at first… ) and made sure they truck was filled up with gas. I’ll be keeping the fire truck. 🙂

Creating wonder for kids is not all that hard. How do you like the flags?

The art center is under the loft. We added the patio lights to it. Hopefully it wont be a QA problem. They dont get too hot. LOTS of learning and creating goes on in this little space.

I moved the dress up area downstairs this year. Did you notice the old phone on the wall? It has a cord and a receiver.

This is Ty, Orrins little brother ( future student ) playing with the cars. I love the way they put them around the stump in a circle. Learning… right under our noses.

I can tell all our parents are going to have a close bond this year and that excites me. As a matter of fact, many of the mommies are having a ” coffee and kleenex” party at Cafe on Broadway tomorrow morning.

My helpers last night.. thanks girls!

Kids spaces deserve special touches too !

Future Picasso area.

I dont ” teach” a letter a week but I can highlight one, right ?

Everyone needs to be alone ever once in a while.

We dont do a daily calendar time but we do count down to special events.

Bringing home.. to our home. Each child is bringing a picture framed for our room.

Comfy reading area. I still need to clean the couch- that is on today’s list.

I love my new science area.

Writing center . I do not “teach” handwriting but I give them lots of writing experiences.

Music… did someone say.. MUSIC?

Art work area — empty frames ready to be filled.

Mirror in the kids bathroom – they deserve pretty too !

3 d art display area

Randy made a plexiglass outdoor painting easel.

The MUD KITCHEN. This will be new this year and I will admit I am a little nervous but excited too. I made mud pies when I was little .. therefore, so will they.
As we get into the year I will try to highlight each area and what we learn in those areas.
Everyone get excited tomorrow is our first day !


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