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Yee Haw!

Published on May 2, 2011 under farm


Have I mentioned that we have three weeks left in school ? Today we started our last unit of the year. We will be going down on the farm the next three weeks to see what animals are on the farm and learn more about them. We will talk about the tools that are used on a farm and many other farm related things !
The girls here are putting together a sequencing puzzle. First they have to sort out the pieces from the box. There are 4 different puzzles in there . It took them a bit to figure out how to do that ( the numbers on the ends are colored ) but they eventually did. SURE! I could have sorted out the puzzles for them before hand but it is all a learning process.

Randy bought a hummingbird feeder this weekend and was excited to show the kids how it is filled up with sugar water.

The kids are loving having the farm out !
One of the small group activities we did today was sorting different farm animals and then counting them . We did this after reading the book ” The Big Red Barn.”

We started singing through some of our farms songs , which will also be our end of the year program ! For that program we will dress up in farm attire so be looking ! The kids can wear overalls, blue jeans , blue jean skirts… whatever you want ! I think the girls would look precious in pig tails!

I had an appointment with Mrs. Braun this afternoon but she called and rescheduled for tomorrow. We will be discussing transitions for my kiddos going to kindergarten in the fall and talking about common core. More on that after the meeting !


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