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Uno Moooooo

Published on May 9, 2011 under Uncategorized


Two more weeks before school is out. As the girls were washing hands and the boys were hanging out with Randy in the backyard ( never happens since it isn’t fenced ) I felt blessed. Blessed to have a job that we love so much . We are going to try to slow down ( if that is possible ) and just enjoy the kids more this week. Here are some precious pictures I took this morning. You can take pictures like the on a school campus or classroom. This just looks like 7 boys hanging out with their grandpa…

This morning I read a wonderful blog entry from Childhood 101. She called it an invitation to read. I tried this and today it didnt work but I didnt introduce it. Sometimes we assume that kids will know what to do. When we got in circle time I did ask did anyone know what the note said and they immediately recognized ” Rosanna.” I told them what it was for. Maybe next time.

Kayla -” Look Ms Debbie an M!” YAAYAYAYAY~! WAY TO GO KAYLA~

Today we finally opened our new UnoMoo Game. The kids loved it. There is actually a lot of teaching that goes on when playing this game. You can see the kids closing their eyes and trying to be fair. NOT an easy task for a 4 year old.

We were able to use the terms more and less . One of the characters is a farmer. The farmer is the wild card. You can use him to change the color being played to whatever you want. At first the kids were just randomly naming a color. Then, I explained how the idea is to get rid of all your animals and get them back in the barn so the best strategy would be to change the color to the one YOU have the MOST of. They caught on quickly.
There is also a skunk and when played the next player has to draw two animals. LOTS of counting and thinking going on in this game. I give it a thumbs up !
We also read a book called ” The Cow That Laid an Egg.” The kids loved this book and it really gave us some great opportunity for discussion about cows and chickens . Why would the chickens do this for Marjorie ? Did Marjorie REALLY lay an egg? Why did the chicken Moo?
Here is a librarian reading the book if you would like to hear it !


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