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Sounds on the Farm

Published on May 11, 2011 under farm


Our schedule got a little topsy turvy today. We were inside for breakfast and then went outside. The weather report said we would get storms all day but THANKFULLY it has been beautiful. We played for a while and then we talked about our program. This years theme is ” Down on Grandpas Farm.” So, in addition to all the new fun farm activities we are doing we are learning songs for our program. We pretended sitting with our parents watching ourselves on the BIG SCREEN . Each year we make a DVD of our kids so everyone can catch a glimpse of the fun we have during the year. It is so easy to forget all the special visitors, field trips, cooking activities, science projects and special events we have . This year it IS a little LONG…. so we will eat while we view to save time ! 🙂 I tried to narrow it down but had so many good pictures of these precious guys that I couldnt get it down any smaller. At the end of the program each child will receive a DVD to take home and watch. I have heard that kids from the past watch it over and over. After the DVD the kids will take the stage for a short program of nursery rhymes and song and dance. THESE KIDS THIS YEAR LOVE LOVE LOVE TO DANCE! I always have mixed emotions about ” programs.” For the most part they are not usually age appropriate. But , the parents love to see the little ones on stage. I guess I have taken the stand that as long as the child isnt stressed and it is fun for them – we will do it. You have to remember that we ( Randy and I ) are performers so we sing and dance a lot all the time. It isnt like we are doing flash cards and worksheets all year and then decide to put on a show.

Another fun thing we did today was play the game ” Sounds on the Farm.” I took a video of the boys playing and noticed some really interesting things.
I had letter tiles out for them to use as BINGO markers. I have never used them for this purpose before but decided this could be one more way to get those letters in front of them. Some of the boys were really … really stressing out. If the animal sound was a cow- they wanted to cover it with a C. They would miss covering up that spot as they searched the table for a C. Also, to take it a step farther, if you notice some of the boys that were wanting to match the letter sounds placed the tiles with the letter down. The boys that were just playing the game as told had the letter side up. I found his interesting. Do you think it bothered the ” letter s0und boys” to SEE the letters that didnt match the animal ? I was intrigued. Some days the kids are so smart they just make me go hmmm…


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