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P is for Pig

Published on May 13, 2011 under farm


Randy and I were out in a worksampling training all day. Worksampling is an online assessment tool. But.. I do know what your kiddos did today!

Today the kids were read ” If you give a pig a pancake” while they ate pancakes marked with a P on the top in red. The also got to chose a topping – pineapple, peanut butter, pecans , pears, peaches or powdered sugar. Do you see a trend here ? PPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! They also got cook whip but … well, that was just for looks and taste.
During small group the kids made pigs from playdoh and graphed which topping they liked the best for their pancakes.
Circle time was a reading of ” The Three Pigs ” and acting out the story. This activity is good. It demands story recall and sequencing.
Another one of our friends became a big sister yesterday. Again, since the hospital was so close Devin and Jodie walked the kids over to help Malia celebrate. I think one of the moms came along to help ! Devin said ” the walk went well. Malia was so sweet and proud to show off her new baby. It was so cute. ”
Life in a small town is good. Really good.
After nap I think they might have watched a little of Charlotte’s Web.
I am thankful for workers that make me feel totally confident that everything will be ok when I need to be away.


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