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Published on March 11, 2011 under transportation

>Today we walked down to the railroad tracks in hopes of seeing the train and WE DID! We were there about 10 minutes and hear the whistle blow. The kids were so excited ! The bummer part of that story is in the process I dropped my camera which is now BROKEN.. bummer……

Many of you know I have spent the last 6 months working out with a trainer. His gym was on our way so we stopped by to see him and let the kids see the gym. They loved it. The second picture is the kids fighting in the ring. They asked me what it was and I replied ” That is the cage they fight in…” And.. well, off they went. The funny thing is that no one was hurt. I told Cassidy maybe we will come in once a week to work out aggression . We have discussed a kids fitness class and even a night for all my moms to come in for an introductory free class and try it out. I LOVE it… It is intense.

And for your Friday flicks !
Man.. I hate when I cover the speaker by mistake with my finger !
The kids really enjoyed this one !


  1. Krissy @ B.Inspired

    LOVE the pasta wheels you used for that game. So clever! And it's really great that they got to go out and see the real deal engine, too. So excited to start following you now!

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