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Snowmen, sorting and sequencing – OH MY !

Published on January 6, 2011 under Art


We have had so much fun getting back into routine. For me, putting new exciting things on the table is better than opening Christmas presents!
Some new things we worked on today. Below you see a worksheet alternative. Three year and Four year olds are not always ready to write so why insist that they sit down and do a worksheet when you can turn it into a game. The game below we sorted picture cards that started with the letter S from all the others. So much easier for a child to be successful.

Why draw lines from one object to another that matches ? Modge Podge them on juice lids or use stickers and turning it into a game. Many turn this into a memory game but I think just matching the kids ( especially on this snowflake game) is challenging enough.
Counting ? SURE! Roll the dice and cover the correct number of snowmen with showflakes until the card is filled.
Sequencing – from left to right and largest to smallest .
Here Rosanna and G work together to sort clothing. Since they can’t read yet and the chart doesn’t have a picture on it ( ideally it would ) we talked about the yellow looks like sun and it is hot so we will call it summer and the blue looks like a cloudy cold sky so we will call it winter. Then they let loose and did it all alone. The difference in both of these activities with three and four year olds is how you present it. With the four year olds, I explained and they took it and ran. With the three year olds I had to play it WITH them… and pick up a piece at a time and talk about it.

It’s always nice to look around the room and see friends helping each other and having compassion.
We made winter trees today in small groups too !
I know… and you thought we played all day.


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