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Company in town

Published on January 14, 2011 under cooking with kids

>This will be a short blog as I have company in town and I have waited until everyone is in bed to post. My cousin Barbara and her husband Larry are here . They live in Brinkley. We have had a great time look at old pictures and videos of my mom and dad.

I was here for part of the day today . Some of the fun we had was reading books about dogs. Two of the kids favorites are called ” Harry the Dirty Dog” and ” The Wet Dog.” In small groups we looked at a couple books about dogs, read the Dr Suess book called ” Go Dog Go” and then made a little book about how to take are of our animals.
In circle time the kids sang BINGO and “Three Little Kittens Lost Their Mittens” and played a rhyming game using dog and cat. Later in the day the kids helped Jodie make puppy chow.
Click HERE for the recipe. The kids loved it !


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