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Out all day

Published on November 17, 2010 under Uncategorized

>I was out in a meeting all day today but from the report I heard they had a good day. Randy actually said ” one of the best days we have had all year!”

They talked about families in circle time. It is amazing the things the kids open up and say when you ask simple questions about family. Sometimes heart warming – sometimes … hurts me. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong and nothing was said that would hurt anyone but kids are very vocal and honest and tell it like it is.. or the way they see it. Remember, all kids need sometimes is someone to listen and love.
I am moving on.
During small groups they did the traditional hand print turkeys . The kids always love doing this and end up doing them for months once they figure it out.
Tomorrow I leave during nap time for a doctors appointment and Thursday I am here all day but Jodie will be helping out once again as I will have an administrative TA ( Technical Assistance ) here all day. I requested one to help me develop a better system of keeping up with all the paperwork we have to do. I have high hopes.
See you in the morning


  1. Michelle

    We love the library story time, but I know what you mean about not always being welcome. I only have a group of 5 and we were told that the story time was for children w/their parents, not daycare groups. We were a disruption to the others. I was really surprised, since my kids were so much better and more polite than most of the kids with their parents, who were getting up, walking around, talking and crying… hmmm. Sometimes I just have to shake my head 🙂

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