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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Published on November 9, 2010 under cooking with kids


One of our parents gave us two cases of apples and oranges. Now.. we eat a LOT of fresh fruit but even we would have a hard time getting through that much before it spoils. So, we are getting creative. Today, the kids got a lesson on where we get orange juice from. Many thought the grocery store. They made orange juice for snack this afternoon !

After squeezing Randy put all the orange half on the tray and we estimated how many oranges the kids thought were there. It was really a good math lesson. I explained how two halves make a whole.

It took 33 oranges to make that pitcher of juice !
Another math lesson today when we patterned . We made a flag ! This type of activity is always done in small groups of 3 or 4 children.

One of my favorite ” sneak a peaks” today was when I found a group of kids playing doctor. Audrey and Geneviette were the doctor and Cohen and Malia were the patients. I was told that Cohen had strep throat and Malia had a belly ache. Audrey and Geneviette had papers and squiggly lines and letters were drawn on it. They said this was their list of names to call when it is their turn. It is so fun to see those literacy skills developing and kids using their imagination. ( Audrey was most likely the instigator of this game. Yesterday afternoon she became a BIG SISTER. Sylar Dash was born. He weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce. Mom and baby are doing well. Audrey was so excited to bring in pictures of Sylar to show off this morning. )

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