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My Friday

Published on October 14, 2010 under classroom management


Randy and I will be leaving very early in the morning to travel to southern Arkansas to be there when they set my parents gravestone. It will be an emotional day but one we have planned for for a while. Following that, we will attend a family reunion. This will be the first one since my mom and dad passed away. This time last year we were all there. Tough stuff ahead ….
On to happier things !
Most every day after lunch we ” journal.” We do this mainly to make sure that every child has the opportunity to write each day. Some children would never chose to pick up a marker or other writing tool- they would rather build with blocks or play house. This makes sure atleast once a day they get exposed. The only thing I ask the kids to do is TRY to write their name and then they can draw whatever they want. It is amazing to see the difference between the three year olds and the P4’s. P4’s will go to kindergarten next year and most this is their second year with me. Look below at the names on their paper, their drawings and how they are holding their crayon. Many of the three’s still grip the crayon or maker in their fist. Eventually it comes….. when they are ready.

Today we took a first aid kit and went through it piece by piece. This one had cool stuff in it like a blanket that was folded in a tiny little pouch and glow sticks!

Malia pretending she is a nurse !
When you come in breakfast is on the table – on good days! 🙂 You might think that the toys you see is all the kids play with all day. That is hardly true. Not only do the toys in the other rooms get rotated out but there are activities added to the tables. They are generally learning type activities. As I was walking around helping this morning, I noticed how full and busy the tables were. This is free choice… they come when they want. I took a picture to show you how busy at the tables activities they all were.
I use a wonderful math program. New parents there will be a book in your cubby this afternoon that explain more what I do. Parents that were here last year, received this last year.
Noah wrote mom without help !
I dont know when I will get to blog tomorrows day. I will try to talk to Jodie and Devin and do it while I am gone. If not, it may be Sunday night.
Thanks everyone, have a great weekend and say a little prayer for me this weekend !


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