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Estimation ….we just dont get it yet

Published on October 27, 2010 under construction


The halloween fun has already begun…

Sharpening fine motor and math skills can be fun !
Gross motor ( large muscles) – tossing a pumpkin in the can.
Geneviette and Rosanna built a pet shop. Rosanna is the pet ! 🙂

Emeri holding our pumpkin to try and guess how much it weighed. Estimation is an important skill but one that usually just comes with experience, not teaching. Today we weighed a few of the kids and talked about the numbers. Then we compared the pumpkin by holding it and each took guesses of how much it weighed. I got numbers from 5 to 105. The correct weight was 12.4 lbs.
With all the excitement about building going on we are lucky to have someone here painting our house . He is doing an excellent job. The kids were able to sit and watch him work for a while today.

Today .. as always was a good day.


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