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The sense of touch

Published on September 15, 2010 under 5 senses


We thought the day was going to be a bust again for our trip to the flower shop.

We had a special visitor come in this morning to read. Williams dad, Gary, read ” It looked like spilt milk . ” Did you ever lay on your back as a child and look at the clouds and guess what they looked like ? This is what this book is all about. White images on a blue background that ” look like ” many things but end up being clouds. Thanks Gary for coming !

Then the rain cleared !!!!!
As we walked we touched many things and used words like ” rough” , ” soft” , ” cold” and ” hot” .
At the flower shop they had flowers picked out that we could smell.

On the way home we saw Malia’s grandmother !
After arriving home we make obleek ! Obleek is made out of water, glue and Borax.
Fun day!


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