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I have feelings too

Published on September 20, 2010 under Uncategorized


I finally have our parent resource area ready ! This is behind the door as you come in.

You will find our lesson plans for the week there. They might not make a lot of sense to you but atleast lets you know we have some ! 🙂
You will find brochures or handouts that will change periodically .
There are items to check out. The check out sheet will be on this beautiful clip board.
There are parenting books, games, teaching aids, books and magazines. Please check out one item at a time and treat it ” gently ” and return within the week.
On my lesson plans you will see numbers. These numbers correlate to benchmarks that have been set for this age group in Arkansas . I am only leaving this up for a week so you can look if you want and get a general idea of how we plan and why we plan what we do. After this week, it will only be lesson plans posted.
You will also find pictures posted. I will rotate these out each month.
The girls played beauty shop today.. so cute.
Randy and Danny working on patterns.
This week we are talking a lot about feelings and emotions. This is Kayla’s angry face.
We read the book ” On Monday When It Rained”. It is a book about emotions and has photographs of this little boy on the cover expressing all kinds of emotions. As we read the book in small groups we tried to make the same faces he made. One of the examples in the book was that he goobled his cookies and milk and then he burped really loud. The emotion was embaressed. I asked the kids how they thought he felt and Rosanna said ” Full, he’s done. ” Cracked me up….
We made Happy Face / Sad Face plates. During circle time we used these as I read a story about a little boy named Matthew. At home, you might try this game with your child :
Name situations . ( getting an ice cream cone, going to time out, watching a movie… etc ) and ask your child to show you the face that would reflect how they feel. We did this for a while and the kids loved it.

Randy came in while the second group of kids were outside and asked for the camera. I didnt know why, I was in circle time with the three year olds. It seems he let the kids play in water… stand in buckets of water to be more precise. And this… is why they love Randy more than me. 🙂

Thursday September 30th we will visit the nursing home at 6:00 . Parents will meet Randy and I there with the kids and we will sing a few songs for the people that live there. That week we are talking about ” People live in Different Kinds of Communities ” and I thought a nursing home would be not only a different perspective but also an act of kindness for the people that live there.
I scheduled a family night tour at the Fire Station for Tuesday October 5th at 6:30 pm. Please mark your calendars.
I FORGOT muffin tin Monday …. I had the lunch that needed to go in it, but served it on paper towels… bummer for crazy monday mornings that make you forget.


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