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Cinco do Mayo!

Published on May 5, 2010 under Uncategorized

>Today we had a Cinco De Mayo celebration! We practiced out water songs this morning, and then we read a book that taught us lots of words en espanol. It is so sweet to hear the sweet little voices saying words that Mrs. Beth had probably mis-pronounced. During our outside time, we worked on a special project we will be finishing tomorrow.
We were very excited that we got to walk to the closest Mexican restaurant, Taqueria El Rancho. We had a great time. We did so good remembering our safety rules on the way there. As we passed the hospital, a worker asked us where we were going, just like our neighbor had when we left the school. Fourteen different answers all at once: “The restaurant!”, “To eat lunch!”, “On a walk!”. So funny. We got to the restaurant and Anna’s mom met us there too. The restaurant knew we were coming and had a long table all set up for us. We ate chips and salsa, beef quesadillas, rice, and beans (frijoles!). The children were so well behaved. They used good table manners and stayed seated and ate nicely the whole time. Mrs. Jodie and Mrs. Beth were so proud when a woman eating at a table close by stopped to comment on how nicely we were behaving. Compliments in public are so flattering to teachers. As we were eating, another visitor stopped by-Mrs. Debbie! We all were VERY excited to see her. She came to see how we were doing and let us know how much she misses us, but is still staying with her mom, who is very sick. What a treat is was to see her. That was very exciting. When we finished lunch, it was time to walk back to school, and again, we did great using our safety rules. We held hands, stayed on the sidewalk or grass, and stopped, looked, and listened for cars as we crossed the street. (and not one child was even scared of the three barking dogs ans we walked by their yard.) What a great field trip!
After we rested when we got back to school, we got to end our day with a pinata! It was filled with all sorts of treats for us to take home.
We had a great day!


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