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The Very Busy Preschool

Published on April 28, 2010 under Uncategorized

>Today Mrs. Debbie was tending to her sweet mom and left me (Mrs. Beth) and Mr. Randy here to play! About halfway through the morning, Mr. Randy felt led to go be with Mrs. Debbie and her mom, so Ms. Devin came to play! I am amazed how another group of children might be thrown of track with changes to their teachers in the middle of the day, but not this group. We are one big family, so to them it is exciting and fun to have Audrey’s mommy come play. I also love to see how much Devin enjoys being here. She dropped what she was doing in an instant to come be with us, and we appreciate it!

Today we focused on “The Very Busy Spider”, the Eric Carle story of a spider too busy spinning her web to play with her animal friends. We talked about characteristics of a spider web and what purpose they serve (sticky, transparent, provides a home and a place for the spider to catch food, etc.) When in the story a fly gets stuck in the web, I paused to ask the group “What do you think the spider does when a fly gets caught in her web?” Geneviette immediately answered “she helps it get unstuck!” That tickled me. If only the animal kingdom had her type of compassion!
After I read the story to the children, we got out our animal puppets and took turns acting like the animals as we retold the story. They were excited to have a turn making the animal sounds that belonged to their puppet.
I also worked with the children in small groups and played a bingo game that went with the story, and we added antennas to the ladybugs we painted yesterday.
Some of us also had a couple rounds of Hokey Pokey…it was fun. (“That’s what it’s all about!”)
Mr. Randy was quick to put on his magic act this morning, pulling
bouncy balls out of our ears. He is such an entertainer. The kids adore him.
We were busy, busy, busy today- just like that spider!


  1. Ms Debbie

    And then we ate lunch on paper plates. I am such a loser. I had intended at least for today to use REAL dishes to reinforce the idea of taking care of our earth. gah..

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