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What did you do on Spring Break

Published on March 29, 2010 under Art


We are back at school. Several ( 4 ) of our friends were out today. It made the transition from break a little easier. Below you will see a picture of my mom. This is one of the best pictures we have taken in a while. I think she was well rested… and enjoyed being home. I am thankful for a job that gives me time off so I can help these things happen. Have I said it lately? I LOVE MY JOB!

I put out some of my Easter activities today. The girls LOVED the Easter Bonnets I picked up for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Jaxson is using a strawberry tongs to sort pompoms into the matching easter baskets.

Well, the boys liked the Easter Bonnet too !

Katie playing with the potato head’s . She said she LOVED her trip to Tennessee !
I added these little bunny figures to the block center today just to see what they would do with them. At one point I saw the girls playing with them and over heard ” look, it is a bunny family. Here is the daddy, here is the mommy and here is the little brother.”
For circle time today, I made a power point book for the kids of mine and Randy’s vacation. The kids LOVED it. Randy is known for staying ( or trying to stay ) in cheap hotels. When I showed the group Geneviette was in ( our grand daughter ) the hotel we stayed in she got a puzzled look and said ” but there is no 8.” SUPER 8 ! I thought I would laugh out loud. The kids loved the pictures. I use power point to make books for them, but my printer was out of ink. They loved the pool on the roof of the hotel and the necklaces in the trees. I showed them the mask that Randy and I bought in New Orleans and for small groups today – they made one. I just put the stuff on the table and let them have at it !
This is the one we bought. Can you see the music staff on it?

Jaxson made this one!

This is one we bought.

Audrey made this one.
We had a fun day. We started a new playlist today that included some music from New Orleans and the bunny hop. LOTS of great music this month.
Welcome back to school. I know I am glad to be back.


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