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Where do we go on wheels?

Published on February 17, 2010 under math


Ahhhh…. Can I just say that today was perfect? PERFECT! The weather cooperated again and both groups of kiddos were able to go outside for their full hour – in one lump! They LOVED it.
! Ms Jodie was helping this afternoon so Randy could take my mom to chemo and she had the second group outside. I told her that I would come get her at 12:25 but when I popped out they were so involved in a game, that I quietly tiptoed back in. The group with me ( that had already been outside) said, ” why did you leave them out there?” I said, ” they were having so much fun with Ms Jody playing a game that I wanted them to finish.” Another child spoke up and said ” that isn’t fair, we were playing dodge a ball with Mr Randy!” ( I know, I too am hoping at this point that the KIDS were the ones throwing the ball.) Then Kynley said with the knowledge of a grown up ” Life aint fair.” 🙂
Mrs. Jodie also said when they were outside they went for a short walk and saw an airplane. What great timing is that? Now.. if we can arrange for a train to stroll down Wright Street, that would be wonderful. Anyway, being a great preschool teacher she asked a great question ” Where do you think it is going?” Geneviette replied ” Hawaii!” ( Her daddy lives in Hawaii and she is a frequent flier.) Then Clara piped in ” No Honduras!” Which excited me and told me that she has been listening to me and that Rosanna’s mom’s time spent here talking about her home country was well spent!
In circle time today we talked about ” where we go on wheels.”
There is a booklet in your cubby today about Teaching Children Math. The last conference I was at I bought a 250.00 math curriculum . I know my weakness is math. It is so much harder to place math concepts in their everyday playing. This curriculum is still play based learning.
Here is one of the activities we did today:

We took the wooden blocks. I said ” This is a road. How can I make the small road the same length as the long road?” Of course there were three different answer and we kept trying each suggestion. Not only did we do problem solving but used a lot of math language like longer, shorter, equal, add, take away… When I do activities like this I do small groups of 4 at a time and it last about 5 -7 minutes. We also used a ruler to measure the road and talked about non standard measure. How many Cars long is the road? How many pens long is the road?
What was great was the play that happened after the small group.

See the ruler—

If you keep up with my blog you know that Randy is more the ” player” in the group. Sometimes it is harder on me to do all the planning and administration and making sure the day comes together the way it should, but I have never.. never.. put on a pirates hat and an eye patch and chased the kids around the room. The world needs more Randys….


  1. Michelle

    What awesome photos!! Your families are so lucky to have you!! I always thought after a long days work, no one would want to come to a evening mixer at daycare?? Maybe I will pose the question to the families, see what they think. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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