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A few Good Men

Published on February 1, 2010 under fine motor


Or a few good kids….

There are only 6 children here today. There is still ice and snow and the public schools are out. We are open. Randy and I travel in the summer doing children’s concerts so we can’t afford to go much into the summer. Our school dates will run into our bookings. We had 6 children to day to come play.

Geneviette and Rosanna writing on the chalkboard.

Can you see Rosanna’s R?

I love when they revisit things we have done in preschool before. Here are Geneviette and Rosanna playing the ” What’s missing” game.

Jaden enjoying a little game too !

Last week the parents were challenged to make an instrument at home with their child. This was to go along with the day we were learning about the sense of hearing. These are some instruments that were brought back. WOW! They really went all out !

Silly faces at breakfast !

At the last conference we went to there was a man from Siloam there . He is a local artist Rich Davis. He was selling a card game. There are 5 stacks of cards and the children draw a card and then draw the part that is on there. First they start with the head, then the eyes, nose , mouth and hair. There are about 10 different features to choose from. Randy did this with our small group today and I am impressed. Look at the wonderful faces they drew. I also think a game like this gives them confidence in their writing / drawing ability.

( And I should mention RARELY do we watch TV but as a special treat for these few we watched Ice Age. Appropriate I would say with the weather and I stayed in the room with them the whole time interacting about what we were seeing. I had never seen this movie and it was interesting to listen to the childrens comments and concerns. Clara, who has a baby brother was extremely concerned about what would happen to the baby. Anna told me that the mother didnt really die in the water, she was just resting. 🙂 Since I avoided the whole ” our fish died ” conversation when it happened, I guess that is probably what I would have told her too! 🙂 I DO NOT like TV or movies shown at school when there are so many other things that we could be doing but today…we took a break and tried to still make it a learning experience. )

Maybe more kids will be here tomorrow as we start some Valentines activities!

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