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Tortilla Snowflakes

Published on January 15, 2010 under cooking with kids

>Breakfast this morning was snowflakes! Oh… I know all the snow is gone from NW Arkansas , but we made our own. We took small tortilla and folded them and pinched off pieces. When they opened , they looked like snowflakes. After that we fried them and the kids sprinkled powdered sugar on top. ( Rarely do we fry. I think this is the second time this year.) The kids really seemed to love it.

Next week we will start a unit on the animals of winter !
( Michelle, I havent forgotten the book ! It seems every time I sit it is in another room and with parent teacher conferences this week I am exhausted and welcome the chance to ” sit”. )


  1. Michelle

    Glad to see you back Ms Debbie!! I too need a routine and was lost the week I had no kids!! The kids looked like they had a great time outside!! I love your music cans… I think my neighbors would kill me, but I have always wanted to add a musical wall to the yard.

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