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Taste test !

Published on January 27, 2010 under 5 senses

>( Excuse the late post as I left at 12:00 to take my mom to chemo )

One of the fun things we did today was have a taste test. Four of the kids brought in stuff for us to taste. We had a fruity gum, chocolate hershey bar, fruit salad and a peanut butter sandwich. I added a few things to that like grapefruit, cocoa power, garlic, salt, sugar etc… first we used our eyes to try and decide what our foods were. The kids all thought the salt and sugar were surely sugar. Weren’t the surprised when they tasted them We opened our mouths wide and looked at the taste bumps ( buds ) on each others tongues. One interesting thing was with Annas gum. I asked the kids to put it in the middle of their tongue – and then on the side .Where did it feel MORE tangy? We learned a lot of new language like tangy and bitter.
We also played a new game called 5 senses BINGO. That was fun and one that really caused the kids to put on their thinking caps. There was a spinning wheel and it would have the 5 senses. Whoever spun the wheel had to decide if they had something on their card that could best be used by that sense. ( ie.. smell- rose taste- cake )
The morning got even more exciting ( for me ) as Mrs Beth came downstairs with a theme box in her hands that said THE FIVE SENSES! WHo KNEW! She was upstairs working in the resource room . You cant even imagine the wealth of materials that are up there. So much in fact that finding things has become a problem. Hopefully we are getting there— to the point I can find more of my awesome teaching aids.
Tomorrow is sight. I had planned to call Childers and set up an tour but decided against it since the weather is supposed to be bad.


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