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Polar Express PJ Day

Published on December 19, 2009 under Christmas


A day of highs and lows –

The day started with the children being greeted to the room looking a little ” different”. We had the two long tables end to end and chairs on either side. Like a train… ( follow me here.. )
On the table was a ticket to ride the Polar Express for each child. Once every one was here we started the movie on the wall from our LCD projector screen. The children sat on their train as they watched. When the scene started with the conductor punching tickets, our very own conductor arrived from upstairs ( Randy ) and punched the kids tickets. They were so excited and though the knew it was Randy.. the played along.
Movie restarts- plays to the hot chocolate scene:
Here comes Randy again dressed tapping his toes and singing “Hot Hot Hot Chocolate.” In his hand was a tray filled with little cups of hot chocolate. Since we had not had breakfast we paused a but then to enjoy waffles , strawberries and whipped topping. YUM!
Movie Restarts to Reindeer Scene:
We made those awesome reindeer with our hands! We baked reindeer cookies and played the Reindeer hokey pokey. Randy also sat them in the dining room floor and sang Christmas songs with them and talk to them about guitars and mandolins.
Movie restarts to Ice Scene:
Ice skating with wax paper!
Movie restarts to end!
It was awesome to hear the kids cheer when the little boy was able to grab the train and get on and when Santa came on. Oh the innocence.
I took several videos.. for you to enjoy.
The highs were so high. The lows were so low. As soon as we got the children down for a rest the phone rang. My dad had a heart ache and passed away . I have great memories to hold to of my dad. He was a good man. I am sure he is in Heaven and preparing Christmas with our Father.
See you January 4th.

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  1. Michelle

    We have that same Nativity!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It can't break, and if it gets moved I always find it somewhere with the other Little People. I loved how Mr Randy involved the kids at lunch… I am sure they love having him as a teacher!! He seems really great with them!!

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