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Our new light table

Published on November 4, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Some of you may remember when I visited a reggio school a while back. I am piece by piece adding a few of the elements of those rooms to my room. I loved the sense of wonder they create. This is a light table. I had it made. It was EXPENSIVE. Not as expensive as in education books, but still… a little high. But so worth it.

Light plays a very important part in our lives. The whole gamut of colours can be changed by light.” Yuri Lijubimov, The Hundred Languages of Children, Reggio Emilia

We will use our light box to explore light on many things. Today we started with these building circles. I think it is beautiful. There are three rules : 1 Only 2 children at a time. 2. Not standing on it. 3. No banging on it.

Can you see this awesome collage that Whitlee put together by cutting and gluing. Not only do I have the best behaved children, but brilliant and creative as well!

Don’t you hate it when a holiday is over and you find an awesome decoration you forgot to use. I do too! Monday I found another box of Halloween teaching aids. I put a few out anyway. Cards are a great tool for teaching counting and number recognition. I think I got this deck at the dollar tree. It is self correcting. They guess the number and then can count the pumpkins to see if they are right.

These are some pictures from yesterday…
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