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Let the games begin!

Published on November 10, 2009 under Uncategorized


Randy and I are back today. We had a training to attend in Farmington. I will talk more about that a little later but first todays news!

Look at the pictures of Dillion and Daniel. They were buddies today. I LOVE the picture of Daniel helping Dillion button his shirt. Funny thing is – I had just buttoned Daniel’s jacket! I guess he wanted to help Dillion like I helped him. So sweet.
Nolan…. sometimes they ride those stick horses so hard each day that they are just ” tuckered out !”
Clara and Katie were enjoying playing at our new light table.
Katie – ” Look at my butterfly!”
Clara- “Look at my spider !”
Danny is just one of the three year olds starting to use writing to make letters. I love it when those scribbling circles become letters!
I picked up a new game yesterday. Well, not necessarily new. I got it at the Good Samaritan Shop in Springdale. It is called Leap Frog. The kids loved it. These types of games are great for number recognition. Some language we used when trying to figure out what the number on the card was:
An 8 looks a lot like a snowman without a head! It has two circles.
A 6 has a circle at the bottom.
A 9 has a circle at the top.
Many kids go to kindergarten confusing 6 and 9.
The feather are a new sensory tub I put out. Next will be field corn!


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