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Here are grandma’s glasses

Published on November 5, 2009 under Thanksgiving


Do you constantly feel like you are getting ready for something? Welcome to my life. Every time I plan to slow down and enjoy ______ ( insert just about anything here ) something comes along and my plans change. Yesterday , I had decided that last night I would go to choir and catch up on some paperwork. At 2:45 the phone rings and it is the director of Arkansas Better Chance programs. They will be in town tonight for a meeting and would love to stop by. My mouth is saying ” that is great” and at the same time my head is spinning thinking – there is laundry on the table, the floor needs mopped again, do I have enough art work up? So, I missed choir to make sure all those things and more were done. I honestly feel like I stay ready for visits BUT Jamie was also bringing the director of the Dept of Human Services / Childcare and Early Education. Did you ever have someone you respect so much that you don’t want to disappoint them? Tonya Russel is our director and works tirelessly for the children of Arkansas. I wanted everything to be perfect for her. It was.
They called at 12:00 from Conway. I dont think they will make it today.
Oh well…. atleast I got a couple things done I had wanted to complete. 🙂
We had a lot of fun today. I know, you hear that every day, but we do.

What would November be without a teepee in the play yard?

We made the traditional turkey handprints!
Picking corn kernels from Indian Corn is a great fine motor activity.
Playdough has new life when placed on a turkey placemat!
Fall colored pom pom balls for sorting. Kynley” Ms Debbie, what are these for?” Thanks for asking…. and off we go!
We added Thanksgiving figures to the block center.
The Indians hunted rabbits for food. I added a rabbit skin to the science center. The first thing one of the children did was take off her shoes and feel it under her feet. Interesting…
Anna’s mom is planning to volunteer and play every Friday from 9:00 – 10:30. Any other takers? Thanks Ellen!
Another one of our little songs/ chants we are doing this month is ” Grandmas Glasses” The kids love it. Here it is if you want to try it at home.


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