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How Do Pumpkins Grow?

Published on October 14, 2009 under fall

>Today has been a fun day. We got back into our routine and EVEN WENT OUTSIDE! YAY!

We did our weekly reader today. Not all of the Weekly Readers are appropriate for the age group so I filter what I use in them. I also sometimes use it in an entirely different way. And even further, sometimes I do it with the older group of kiddos and not the younger group. I have to look at each child individually to see where they are and what is the “BEST” way I can teach them. Today the weekly reader was about pumpkins and how they grow. When you have this at home and go over it with your child , can I give you a hint? Pointing out the 1, 2, 3, and 4 were more important to me than the actual pumpkin life cycle! 🙂 Make a game out of it. Point to 4. Point to 2.
Today one of the kids broke a new crayon. She said ” Ms Debbie, I broke this crayon.” I smiled and said ” It is ok, it happens.” She looked a little puzzled for a moment and then she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Acceptance…. leads to confidence. We don’t brush everything under the carpet but somethings just arent worth it…. 🙂
Yesterday we had Tuna Noodle Casserole for lunch. It was NOT a favorite. I overheard one of the girls say ” What what food I like at school? ALL OF IT…. Except yesterday, that was GROSS!” 🙂 Gotta love kids honesty.
I am planning a night for scrapbooking and conferences to look over the DIAL 3 I did at the beginning of the year AND I HOPE to plan a dad and me pumpkin painting night like we did last year. I am a little .. um…. over whelmed with a few commitments right now but as soon as I get time to breath ( or take my suitcase out of the truck from Hot Springs, find my camera or get some furniture in the livingroom) I will work on that! 🙂
I hope you have had as great a day as your child has!


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