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Falling …..

Published on October 19, 2009 under Uncategorized


The weather is changing outside. The leaves are starting to show color and fall from the trees. Katie was all excited this morning . She told her mom she wanted to wear tights! This would be a great time to remind you that we go outside year round… even when it is cold. If there is not preciptation falling from the sky or a severe weather warning, we are out there. If you need research that shows cold weather does not cause a child to have a cold, I can find that for you. PLEASE make sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather.

We still do journals every day and it is exciting to see the children’s
scribbles turning to letters and pictures!

Sorting fall colored buttons!

The boys drawing on the chalk board . SO much more fun than tracing our name!

Isn’t Sharae cute in her nurses hat!

Fall patterning cards

Sorting colored leaves

These gourds feel funny. They aren’t smoothe like a pumpkin!

Today we are still “falling” every where as we talk about all the changes that happen in the fall.

We read a book called ” The Biggest Leaf Pile”. It was about four leaves that all thought they should be on top. ( Much like we all think we should be in the front of the line. ) In the end they realized ( after a bear jumped in the middle of the pile ) that it really didnt matter who was on top!
I have fun activities planned. I hope I can get a note sent home today.
We will be going to the fire station to tour this Thursday at 10 am. If you would like to join us you are welcome, just let me know. We walk down.
Next Monday ( 26th ) evening 5:30 – 6:30 we will have a dad and me pumpkin carving time. I will provide the pumpkins. You bring your child and carving utinsels, if you have them.
Thursday night ( November 5 ) the moms will meet here 6- 8 to work on the children’s scrap books and also have informal parent teacher conferences. I will show you the assessment I did at the beginning of the year and discuss any questions you might have. I will have pictures here for you to use in the scrapbooks and some materials. If you have some or want to bring your own, you are welcome.
We also started a new nursery rhyme.
Peter Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her!
He put her in a pumpkin shell,
And there he kept her very well!


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