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Another Blessed Day

Published on October 28, 2009 under Uncategorized


Today was another blessed day that we got to go outside. I even raised the windows a little so that any germs that were hiding in here HOPEFULLY flew out the window into the sunshine that we haven’t seen for a few days.

The pictures you see in the bathroom are of Randy and I in the bathroom ( supposedly the darkest room in the house) with ALL the kids trying a science experiment. He wanted to do the one we have seen on facebook with the mountain dew , baking soda and hydrogen pyroxide. When mixed – it was supposed to light up like a flashlight. FAIL. 🙂
The large clear pumpkin has leaves and acorns in it for exploration.
See our finished pictures of the spider webs we made with a box, a marble and black paint? We rolled it around and later put a spider on it.
Many times we want our kids to ” just write your name!” Often, they aren’t ready to do it. It doesnt mean they arent smart or capable but that their fine motor skills aren’t developed enough to hold a pencil and control it. Try writing with your non-prominent hand. That is what they feel when they are made to write and they ” arent ready.”
Some things we can do to get ready is hammering golf tees into styrofoam or a pumpkin like we did today. Give your child LOTS of writing opportunities. It doesn’t matter what they are drawing as long as they are holding the crayon, pencil or marker and fine tuning those muscles.
Today, I am hammering a golf tee in a pumpkin. Tomorrow I will hold a pencil and write my name.

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