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5 Days Until Halloween

Published on October 26, 2009 under Halloween


Count downs to exciting holidays are a great way to get kids involved in simple math activities. Show them the calendar and point to each day as you count.

Pumpkin Jack is one of the kids favorite books this week. They want me to read it over and over. It is about a little boy who has a Jackolantern and after it rots in the garden and is covered by snow,
the seeds from it
produce another pumpkin. Today we did spider webs by rolling
a marble around in a bin with black paint.
Walmart paint color cards made great color matching games.
Tonight is out “Dad and Me Pumpkin Cutting/ Decorating Night.” I have not decided yet whether we will be cutting or decorating since it will be inside.
Friday is ORANGE DAY! If you have something orange or black to wear, please do!

We will NOT wear costumes… we will not wear costumes. 🙂 I am not against costumes, what I am against is changing 16 kids in and out of them 🙂

The kids will have special crafts, cooking activities and snacks all day to celebrate.


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