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File Folders Going Home

Published on September 16, 2009 under A is for apple

>Today we have explored apples more. We did a sink and float activity . Do you think an apple sinks or floats? Do you remember bobbing for apples when you were younger. I had actually thought I might do that today but since I have been thrust into the world of germphobia – I got to thinking . Would I want to grab an apple with my teeth from some water that 15 other preschoolers have had open mouths in? I think not. 🙂

One of the fun activities you see a picture of is the new worm manipulatives I bought the other day. Apples and worms usually go hand in hand, right? These worms can be sorted by color or size. We can talk about which ones are longer and shorter. We can put them in sequential order. We can use them for non standard measure. ( How many worms long is the table?) Most of the activities like this I just put on the table first to see what the kids will do with them. Nolan started sorting the worms by color without prompt. This is called… child centered curriculum. This is how we teach while we play. Isnt this much more fun than drawing a line from one red worm to another red worm to show we can sort?

I was so proud of Katie. The last two days she has been in our blocks area playing and showed me how two halves make a whole. That is why we have unit blocks ! It is a math activity as well as a motor skill while building. YAY Katie!

File folder games are going home today. I am going to try to do one atleast every three weeks to send home . It is yours to keep. Find a place to keep them and revisit them from time to time to reinforce skills we are learning at school. This is meant to be a FUN time of play with the parent. When the child is crying or frustrated it is no longer fun.. put it away and move along.

It has been a good day. 🙂


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