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Apples , Apples , Apples

Published on September 14, 2009 under A is for apple


Today we kicked off a unit on apples. A is for Apple !!!!

We decided to walk to IGA and explore the store for things that are made of apples, or made to taste like or smell like apples. You would not believe the things we found. First we found the apples and picked up a red one, a green one and a yellow one. Then we started on our scavenger hunt. We found apple sauce, apple juice, apple pie filling, apple candy, apple jacks cereal, apple shampoo , apple dish washing liquid….. wow, lots of apple stuff. Much if it we bought and brought home – like the apple cookies!

While we were there a tall nice man that works there ask us would we like to see the freezer where the ice cream is kept. SURE! He first let us see the back of the milk area and then took us in the freezer. It was SO cold….. brrrrr……I dont know how he works in there. That was a bonus!

Then we walked home. On the way home we had a little drizzle of rain but not too bad. We practiced stopping before crossing the street and looking both ways. We saw and owl and Who Who”d for about a block. Then we saw a chicken and clucked quite a ways too. ( Just in case you are wondering neither were real, they were lawn decorations. ) The kids did a pretty good job. That is a long walk. There are a few that could probably use roller skates, they are so slow.. but we made it home! This would be a great time to remind you that our handbook actually states no flip flops. We like to be spontaneous and taking walking field trips and flip flops can be dangerous when you cross a busy street and need to hurry. Oh ! Guess what we found two doors down on our way home. We walked right by it on the way to the store! AN APPLE TREE!

One of the pictures has a new instrument I bought for the kids this summer. It is from Indonesia and is made from bamboo.

We also made little apples from torn red paper. Tearing paper helps develop their fine motor skills !


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