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The Three Pigs

Published on August 29, 2009 under Uncategorized


Three Three Three !

We have had a lot of fairly tales with the number three in it this week! Math for preschoolers if very different from what most people THINK. Have you ever heard someone say – My child can count to 100 ! My child can count in three different languages !
YAY! for that child, but can they hand you THREE blocks? One on one correspondence is necessary in order for your child to learn math! You can help them with this by counting their snack as you hand it to them. Counting toys as you pick up. There are many ways to do this. BE CREATIVE!

We read two versions of ” The Three Little Pigs” today. We tallked about 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The kids favorite phrases were “Little Pig , Little Pig, Let me In!”
and ” Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin! ”

We wanted to visit a construction site today but the weather had other plans!

We also introduced 3D art to the kids today. We keep a bin full of “stuff” for the kids to work with and create. 3 D art is a little difficult to understand . I mean, I doubt any homes normally just sit and glue stuff together to see what they can create. ( Well, Clara’s big brother Elliot was a pro at this and I bet that didnt start when he got to me! )

Mrs Beths group made a farm and a silo. My group made a fairy land with mushrooms. It was fun, fast and furious…. wore me out!

You can bring things for our 3D art bin. Shoeboxes, spools, papertowel rolls, buttons, oatmeal containers… anything we can glue or tape…. to create!

Here is an article that talks about how you can do math at home !

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  1. Deanna

    HOW FUN! Katie just helped carry in the groceries last night. I think its great to make kids feel like they are needed with the household chores. It's almost Friday! Thanks for such a great week – Katie told me that today she was going to wake up and ALL of Miss Debbie's house was going to be a beanstalk! LOL

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